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D NOTAM tutorial

learing the Notices to airman - D NOTAM

All D NOTAMs will follow a set format with several specific elements:

  • 1. An exclamation point (!)
  • 2. Identifier for the accountable location (e.g., IAD)
  • 3. Identifier for the affected location or nearest public-use airport (e.g., IAD)
  • 4. Keyword (one of the 12 described)
  • 5. Surface identification (if appropriate to the subject of the D NOTAM)
  • 6. Condition being reported
  • 7. Effective time(s) of the condition (reported as WEF or “when in effect”)

The “surface identification” element is used only if needed.
For example, it provides the runway identification for any runway-related NOTAMs or the taxiway identification for taxiway-related NOTAMs.
Now let’s look at a specific example, which would appear as follows:
!MIV MIV RWY 10/28 CLSD WEF 0802011200-0802121600

Condition Effective

The (WEF) time includes both a “start” set and an “ending” set.
The digits in each pair always appear in the following order:
Year (2 digits) – month (2 digits) – day (2 digits) – Zulu (UTC) time (4 digits). Using the example above:


Putting it all together, the D NOTAM above advises pilots that Runway 10/28 at Millville Municipal Airport (MIV)
will be closed from 1200Z (0800 EDT) on February 1, 2008, until 1600Z (1200 EDT) on February 2, 2008.

When you are looking at the NOTAMs included in your preflight briefing package,
you might notice D NOTAMs in the new format that look something like this one:
!CPR CPR AIRSPACE SEE DDY 12/045 PJE WEF 0802141400-0802141830
Taking a closer look:

Condition Effective

This D NOTAM is an example of a "pointer" NOTAM. As shown in the example above, a pointer NOTAM is a
D NOTAM that "points" to a published D or FDC (Flight Data Center) NOTAM.
All pointer NOTAMs will include the keyword appropriate to the condition or event in the reference NOTAM.
In this example, the affected location is Natrona County Airport in Casper, Wyoming.
The keyword indicates that the reported condition or event is related to airspace
and that it is in effect from 1400Z on February 14, 2008, until 1830Z on February 14, 2008.
The text (body) section of the D NOTAM points to a published NOTAM, 12/045, which pertains to a parachute jumping exercise (PJE).
The purpose of a pointer NOTAM is to make pilots aware of the existence of a condition or event that might require a lengthy description,
and "point" to the location of more detailed information.
This practice is intended to help reduce the volume of NOTAM information provided in a standard briefing.
Pilots, who will be operating in this airspace during the "WEF" time,
will know where to go to get detailed information, while pilots who are not affected can move on.